woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Claude Closky - Michael Jackson

Curators Mike Ruiz and Ben Aqua have selected a group of talented, emerging as well as established artists to investigate their unique observations and aesthetic decisions surrounding the complex being that is Michael Jackson. The resulting works are insightful and sincere, varying across several mediums -- from works on paper to multimedia installation.

In March 2008, through chance and circumstance, we found ourselves rekindled with the greatness of Michael Jackson. We endlessly wandered the streets of Berlin and Stockholm singing his songs and mimicking his dance moves, completely overwhelmed at the brilliance and mystifying energy these playful actions seemed to bring us. We realized that Michael Jackson was more than simply a phenomenon for us; he became an outright obsession, and interestingly, a source for our own creative investigations.

Claude Closky - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Doesn’t Quit

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