woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Eckart Hahn

Art Interview: How did you pull the various influences from your life together into the strong voice that you have today?

Eckart Hahn: When I started painting, I always thought that I had to have a recognizable style. But I'm not interested in having one subject matter that people can look at and say, "Oh, that's an Eckart Hahn". I don't want to constantly repeat myself. I have made a couple of works with a half human - half stag creature, but I don't want to make a considered choice to paint a set amount of those figures. Instead I shift through the different impressions that I collect in my mind and over time they combine to form new paintings. My style is very internalized. It is an attempt to illustrate my inner voice. I admire artists like the Chapman Brothers because their works have a dark power to them. It is like being hit in the face. But I don't want to make loud statements like they do. The dark elements that I paint are quite but they have a steady pressure to them and they are undeniably present.
Art Interview



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