dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Johannes Wohnseifer

Johannes Wohnseifer's paintings hijack ready-made cultural signifiers and reassemble them as invented logos. Both comically absurd and ideologically threatening, his paintings infuse the frivolity of advertising with an underlying propaganda and cultural hierarchy. Packaging subversive messages with high art impunity, Wohnseifer uses the language of consumerism as a means to signpost personal identification within a contemporary zeitgeist. Remastering their aesthetic properties, his slick images implicate corporate culture, national identity and contemporary art in his cleverly coded conspiracy theories.
source: Johannes Wohnseifer selected artwork and Paintings


Skateboarding in Art Museum - documentation Cheryl Dunn - skateboarder Mark Gonzales (03:44)
In 1998, Johannes Wohnseifer produced an exhibition at the Abteiberg Museum in Germany. He came up with the idea of exhibiting minimal artworks and having a professional skate boarder skate between them. His approach to incorporating street culture directly into artistic context has been highly successful.
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The Thin Commandments


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