vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Nathan Birchenough

Nathan Birchenough's many works, employs an aesthetic based on practical and technical decisions, in a way a pragmatic aesthetic in which he utilises the simplest design and least material required in order to achieve a goal. At first glance, and in keeping with the pragmatism that perpetuates Birchenough's practice his goal is to achieve a function, mimicking the machines and technology that inspires him, however Birchenough employs these motifs as a means to investigate the emotional motivation behind science and engineering, and the psychological dimension of machines.
JT Gallery - Between a Hole and a Home

Viking Boat - A viking boat made entirely from tape and cardboard. I sailed in it on the canal for over 5min before it became unmanageable (but I left no litter - I lifted the whole thing out afterwards). A collaboration with Mark Pinchin.(03:15)
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Viking Boat

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