zondag 31 oktober 2010

‘ultreia’ by Jorge Manes, 2010

london-based spanish designer Jorge Manes recently spent 2 weeks cycling the el camino de santiago route in spain. responding to the ancient path’s recent commercialization, manes built a portable and self-sustainable factory that he towed along to make objects that took advantage of the specific locations, industries and people encountered on the route. ultreia, as the project was called, utilized a rotational moulding machine powered by the movement of the bike to create the designs. manes also towed along a tent and a solar panel to allow him to become completely self-sustainable for the journey. here is a selection of picture from the project and some of the objects manes created. the whole project is currently on display at the royal college of art in london.

‘ultreia’ by Jorge Manes, 2010 (14:57)
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* I biked el camino with my family from Holland to Santiago in 3 holidays ('97,'98,'99)

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