woensdag 17 november 2010

Kelly Mark

Kelly Mark's video, drawings, installations and sculptures have centered on her awareness of time, its passing, wasting, marking, keeping, through the recording of repetitive tasks and ordinary unnoticed moments. Of her interest in the mundane and everyday, the artist says, "I have always had an intense preoccupation with the differing shades of pathos and humour found in the repetitive mundane tasks, routines and rituals of everyday life. Hidden within these spans of time can be found startling moments of poetic individuation, and an imprint of the individual within the commonplace rituals of society. Individuation, especially within this uniformity, although subtle and frequently paradoxical, is something I find myself returning to again and again. Through my will to order and my frequently inane sense of humour my objective is the investigation, documentation and validation of these singular marked and unmarked moments of our lives..."


Horridor - Nuit Blanche 2008 (04:04)
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