woensdag 10 november 2010

Malekeh Nayiny

As a young girl, Malekeh Nayiny always thought she would be a doctor like her father to help people. Instead, she says, “I continue to do work that can touch other people’s hearts. I guess this is my way of being useful to others.”

In her series Family Album, Nayiny digitally manipulated family photographs “as a kind of time machine to update my family album, to lend it more color and life, to renovate and revive it. By collaging modern stamps on the clothes of some of my ancestors, and by inventing backgrounds that are obviously out of context with them, my aim was to see them in a new light and to transplant them into a different time, a different place.”

source: Robert Adanto - Pearls on the Ocean Floor



Robert Adanto - Pearls on the Ocean Floor (01:15)
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