zondag 14 november 2010

Ryan Trecartin - K-CoreaINC.K (section a)

The video revolves around an unending 'meeting'—a busy, aimless meeting that goes in circles to evade a traditional narrative arc. The meeting is essentially a party, and the entire company bumps and grinds with itself everywhere from in boardrooms to airplanes. K-Corea INC. K processes ideas of automation and containment, embodied by these hyper-controlled locations and by the seemingly looping actions that take place in them. Air travel, for instance, is a means to rapidly transport contents from one place to another, but while expanding the possibilities of travel, it also drastically compresses the experience of travel into a automated and contained procedure. Meetings, where discrete parts of a corporate body come together to attempt to 'get on the same page,' display the futility of corporate unity, and of individual purpose or voice remaining intact within a corporate culture.
Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

Ryan Trecartin - K-CoreaINC.K (section a) (33:05)
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