vrijdag 19 november 2010

Trick & Signal. Catherine Street. 2010.

Catherine Streets practice stems from drawing but includes writing, performance, installation and video. Much of the work depends upon the relationships between different elements presented together, whether they be drawings; found or original texts; videos or live actions. The work often focuses on the tension between language-based and visceral elements, and is underpinned by the themes of disaster and illusion. Interpretations are left open whilst the objects remain highly suggestive and it is often the comparative level of meaning that words, objects or actions may seem to carry that is exploited.

Trick & Signal. Catherine Street. 2010. (06:42)
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In the video Trick & Signal, two people attempt to have a conversation where each has to say exactly what the other says, simultaneously and without having planned what they will say in advance – an action which is, of course, impossible. The result is a video that focuses on the tension and absurdity of the situation where each person is cautiously trying to guess or influence what the other is about to say.

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