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Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti
ES: For many years you worked in pairs. First I'd like to know what was the path that led you to come closer to art and how did your association.
SV: Maybe instead of saying that we have come closer to art, you could say it's art, in recent years, have approached our projects ... However, it all started with Sherlock Holmes and Andersen's fairy tales when both attended the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland. These two texts have accompanied us in 1999 during the thesis work on visual communication in relation to narrative thinking of children.
AG: While we have never attended school a lot, but we found during the thesis work on a project that has kept us busy for six months. After school we had a lot of work, so we had plenty of time to invest in our experiments. With the first light we had available (kindly Prestatie from school) we ended up in local clubs, but also in Zurich, to do visuals, mostly for friends who tried their way as DJs or electronic musicians. In the same year we also released our first installation, mechanical, kinetic and interactive on the doors of a public toilet. In fact, with few exceptions, have never entered our work in the official boundaries of art.
Intervista di Elio Schenini (translated)

showreel by Andreas Gysin e Sidi Vanetti (08:21)
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