zaterdag 11 december 2010

Ernst Billgren

"Where does an artist find his material? That is a legitimate question when one comes to Ernst Billgren´s art. For him itseems that no motif is impossible to incorporate in a work of art, no material too strange to use.

He selects and borrows from art history´s various styles and from everything that constitutes our Swedish everyday life. Romantic lakes, countryside and animals are incorporated in picturesand sculptures with the help of everything from oils and drawings to batik and mosaics. when Ernst Billgren uses our Swedish reality, with everything from bellowing deer and chirping wagtails to Carl Larsson, he seems to want to make us at ease with what surrounds us - so that we can accept it for what it is".
kallemo - Jan Aman



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Pete Hoge zei

I consider video footage
of all kinds to be ,"paint".

Anoniem zei

Ja, troligen sa det ar

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