vrijdag 10 december 2010

Fanny Allié

Daily life and my own rituals have inspired my recent work. My mixed-media projects that are usually concept and time-based, revolve around written words and narrative content.Most of the time I set in advance the beginning and end of each project.

Fanny Allié's work can be participatory, involving people like in “The Coffee Shop Project”.

For “The Reminder Project” I have been using a personal habit, which is to write on my left hand every time ?I don’t want to forget things. I scan my hand whenever I write on it.
For “The Jenga Project” I decided to carve family-related sentences extracted from my childhood and memories onto pieces of wooden Jenga blocks.
In my last project called “Fallen Hair”, I am collecting the hair that I loose in a large quantity and I use it as a material to create words on paper that relate to accidents and failures.



Photobooth (01:52)
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The Whisperers (01:21)
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Sie haben einige schöne Punkte gibt. Ich habe eine Suche über den Gegenstand und fand vor allem die Menschen mit Ihrem Blog Zustimmung.

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Vielen Dank für die tolle Information! Ich würde nicht anders entdeckt haben!

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