woensdag 22 december 2010

Jon Campbell

Paintings, cut-outs, banners, neons and placards demonstrate his love of suburbia and its vernacular, popular music and its attendant culture, printing, design and advertising, sport and youth culture. His works define not only the look of the world in which he lives, but the accent and humour of its language and how signs can articulate its culture and history. These signs are sometimes loud and boisterous but never offensively so. They have a beauty about them that encourages belief.

“I grew up in Altona in Melbourne’s western suburbs and this has had a big effect on my work,” explains
Jon Campbell. “I think a kind of ‘westie’, working class feel still influences my work. It’s had an effect on what I think is important and what needs to be the subject of my work. And has actually made me have a more tolerant, open view of the world.”


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