woensdag 29 december 2010

Jonah Brucker-Cohen -!Alerting Infrastructure! – 2003

Jonah Brucker-Cohen - Alerting Infrastructure! is a physical hit counter that translates hits to the web site of an organization into interior damage of the physical building that web site or organization represents. The focus of the piece is to amplify the concern that physical spaces are slowly losing ground to their virtual counterparts. The amount of structural damage to the building directly correlates to the amount of exposure and attention the web site gets, thus exposing the physical structure’s temporal existence.

The project has been active in 9 countries (Ireland, Peru, Brazil, USA, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands) to date.

we-make-money-not-art: Interview with Jonah Brucker-Cohen (2006)

Alerting Infrastructure! by Jonah Brucker-Cohen (01:13)
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