vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Alex Gingrow

Alex Gingrow: I used to work for a couple of galleries in New York, but these days I keep a day job at a frame shop in Midtown Manhattan. What I enjoy about the shop is that I have tangible, private access to much of the New York art scene without having to feel like so much of a dirty insider. The secret, however, is that the frame shop is really just the art world version of the neighborhood barbershop. Gossip comes and goes all day. Sales and purchases are as plain and naked as the newborn babe. I have incorporated this unfettered access into my current series of work by appropriating various provenance stickers from the backs of frames and portfolios and retitling the stickers with my own name, titles, and specs. The titles are born from conversations I have overheard at the shop, at galleries, or are things friends have passed along to me from their respective art jobs, or are declarations that I would like pass along to the galleries myself.
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The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

I Like the Art World and the Art World Likes Me --


Curator Olympia Lambert talks with artist Alex Gingrow about her signature gallery provenance labels, and why she’s such a great choice for Escape from New York.

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