zondag 9 januari 2011

Alexis Gambis - dr. Funque and his petri dish

A film by Alexis Gambis, Fiction, 16 mm, United States 2010.

Dr. Funque enters the laboratory to start his after-dinner lab chores. He sits comfortably at the bench and prepares a cocktail of solutions that he pours into his petri dish. He would have never thought that that evening he would make an incredible discovery. People, cars, parks, buildings – an entire world was encapsulated inside his petri dish. What turned out like a solitary typical Funque lab evening ends up being a festive exchange with the petri dish city and dwellers.

dr. Funque and his petri dish (08:10)
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bioephemera: Alexis Gambis' science films: fruit flies, surrealism and sex

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