dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Amy Stacey Curtis

Since 2000, Amy Stacey Curtis has been presenting broad scope solo-biennial exhibits-meet-laboratories in the mills of Maine towns from Lewiston to Sanford. Viewers are deemed participants in the completion of experiential works that have previously tackled themes of "Light", "Sound," "Change," "Movement," and "Experience." "TIME" is introduced with a letter from the artist to her audience, explaining that "without your careful participation my work is unfinished" and that "instructions are as much a part of my work as you." The installations are curated to be experienced in number order. Viewers navigate the exhibit on a certain path, and not without thorough instruction. In a very controlled setting, Curtis acknowledges and relies on the subjectivity of her audience, while simultaneously fostering a rich communal experience. Though there are lovely discoveries to be made through Curtis's installations regarding time specifically, the most profound experience here is the shared responsibility viewers assume for the work as they affect it.

TIME, Curtis's sixth solo biennial, was installed throughout 16000 square feet of Biddeford, Maine's Pepperell Mill. The exhibit comprised 9 large-in-scope, interactive, time-based works, and was open for participation a total of 99 hours.


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