dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Annie Dorsen: Hello Hi There

Erik Piepenburg:
There are some pretty heavy philosophical questions being asking in this piece. What was on your mind?

Annie Dorsen:
I was interested in this question: Is there something universal or innate that is human nature, or are we programmed from our culture and environment? Chomsky, on the side of the innate, uses linguistic theory to say human children have an innate language capacity. This ability to communicate new thought with words is evidence that there is an innate human nature.

To test him a little bit I wanted to use chat bots. They also create new language, and therefore new thought. But they are not humans. They fail, like humans do. We lose track of words, use non-sequiturs, make all kinds of mistakes, just like the chat bots do in the piece. There are flashes of humanity in the machines.
Arts Beat

Performance Space 122


Hello Hi There (02:04)
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