zaterdag 29 januari 2011

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

Cameron Shaw : So what would you say is the specific intent of repositioning history? Edmund Burke and George Lucas didn't exist in the same place and time; what is the goal of connecting moments that originally didn't coexist?

The Bruce High Quality Foundation : Well they do coexist. That's the beginning. The way we were conceiving of empire is counter to what we saw illustrated in Thomas Cole's painting series, which shows empire following this very clear path. For Cole, there is this pure state, which for whatever reason becomes something glorious, and then has its downfall. That's not how it happens. It's not so much a repositioning of history; we're just trying to reflect how weird things really are. When there are moments of clear misinformation, those are generally used to make people be more conscious of the potential that it's all made up. They have a function so that you always know it has been written by someone somewhere.
artinamericamagazine 2009


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