woensdag 12 januari 2011

Mahmoud Khaled

Mahmoud Khaled's approach is both process oriented and multidisciplinary, producing works in video, photography, text and site-specific installation.

Most of his projects have at their core a thorough exploration of the document in its many official, social, historical or personal variations. Khaled makes use of video stills, found objects and various photographic resources, to test the boundaries between the personal, the political, the historical and the social domains. His projects tend to examine the often coded and powerful socio-political trajectories that run through our daily lives.

Khaled's most recent work considers the politics of identity formation in virtual environments and networking systems.


‘You’d be so nice to come home to’ Performance Installation by Mahmoud Khaled at Manifsta 8

BALTIC Bites - Mahmoud Khaled (06:41)
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