woensdag 26 januari 2011

Stefano Pasquini

"Life is complicated enough as it is, but I'm not making it any easier for you. I tend to question everything, from the parameters used in writing the history of art, to the validity of state laws, from the behaviour of police forces to the methods of the western way of life. This, together with a total indifference over which media to use, tends to result into an eclectic array of discarded material sculptures, liquid figurative paintings, ironically silly watercolors, utterly useless actions, diary snap-like photographs, hand sewn portrait flags, unrealizeable projects, a hyper-cynical ppodcast, Obsolete Shit and the odd good work."
Stefano Pasquini

One day laughing in this surreal earth 2008(09:54)
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The video shows a fictitious 24 hours performance, where the artist, in the middle of an unspecified field, is stuck into the earth with his hands and feet into the ground, and laughs continuously like a maniac.
Metaphorically, its a surreal reaction to many things that are surreal in this world, and yet they are real because they happen and involve a lot of people and suffering. If you think, for example, about the second Iraqi war, that was defined as preventive war.

Stefano Pasquini - UB0902 (Chins and Other Shit)

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