donderdag 10 februari 2011

Ali Ettehad

Ali Ettehad is born in 1983, Sari, Iran. He studied cinema in Tehran Art University; and ancient Persian language in Tehran University and Neyshabour foundation. After that he continued researching in this field and Persian mysticism. His works contain of two different parts. The main part is the part which he named “confidence”* series; has begun since 2007 and hasn’t finished yet. This series consists of many different works and sub-series and different mediums such as video-animation, environmental work, video art, installation, performance, digital images and etc. The second part consists of the works which are like his diary and sometimes his reaction to socio-political conditions. He obliged himself to use the vocabulary of Persian mysticism in his “confidence” series; but the other works don’t obey this rule. During the past six years he has worked with many different Iranian Art magazines. He has considerable numbers of critiques and essays about Art in Iran and outside, published in different art magazines. Ettehad just began to work as a curator to establish a new way for research in the field of Iranian Art, to put theory into actuality.


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Purdahs of Silence
(Confidence #5) (08:39)
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The catalog of “Confidence series”


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