woensdag 16 februari 2011

Julien Discrit

Julien Discrit:
One of the consequences of the infinite nature of the universe is that there would therefore exist an infinite number of worlds resembling our own.
It is true that each person possesses his or her own respective imagination. Each person has elaborated, like Robinson equipping his island over time, a “little personal universe”. As J. M. Barrie writes in Peter Pan, it must be possible to draw “the cartography of someone’s mind, like a country”. Have you ever noticed that the map of Disneyland Paris resembles the x-ray of a skull?
This “slightly shifted real” is like a superimposition, like a double-exposed film. Art, science, literature… in short all these mirrors are images of our world, inevitably distorting, but more and more similar. In terms of sales, the video game industry has surpassed that of the movies. Massively multiplayer online games create singular worlds which parallel our own; Google Earth software gives us a synthetic copy of our planet, like an echo. All of this, including the predicted autonomy of machines, is the reflection of a profoundly human desire: the desire to replay reality, to answer it, to recreate it and in so doing discover what is beyond what is here.
CRAC Alsace
Marathon Life 2005 (16:39)
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