woensdag 2 februari 2011

Ken Solomon

Introspective, eye-opening and often humorous, his work brings a tangibility to the fleeting modern world. A preservationist of sorts, Ken Solomon paints web pages. That's right, and it's like nothing you've seen before - (unless you've been to one of his celebrated exhibits in New York).

As issues of cyber identity and privacy move further to the forefront of the western news cycle, Solomon’s Facebook-inspired Kenneth Solomon series provides playful yet poignant commentary. Solomon paints the Facebook profiles of homonymously named users. He says that he sees the performative work as a “collaborative self-portrait.”

Solomon’s new paintings are detailed, reconstructed snapshots of the ever-changing internet in an attempt to slow down the constant flow of information on the web. When asked why he paints web pages, Solomon explains, "... if it's done by hand, they're going to look at it from a different perspective."

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