woensdag 9 februari 2011

Nassrin Nasser - Exile Paranoia, 2009

Nassrin Nasser
The consequences of geopolitical conflicts can alter our personal life and restrict our choices. As an Iranian, I found myself highly bound by immigration restrictions due to political issues between Iran and the Super Powers. This project represents my personal perception of these consequences. The metaphorical story addresses the obstacles an immigrant confronts through out her journey. The events are illustrated from her emotional perspective; her sense of security is tied with the possession of her passport which is a fragile situation frequently threatened by official and non-official types of authority. Her journey resembles a continual nightmare, a fusion between dream and reality. The composition scenes are inspired by old Persian miniatures, and also the old man's character is recognizable for Persian readers from Sadeq Hedayat novel The Blind Owl.

Exile Paranoia, 2009 (10:30)
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