donderdag 3 maart 2011

Amor Muñoz

TCR: You constantly use embroidery in your artwork. Does it have relation to the tradition of embroidery passed down in women that exists in Mexico?
Amor Muñoz:
The embroidering has been delegated to women by generations, but not always has been an exclusive activity of women. In the Middle Ages, for example, the embroidered works of tapestry were in controlled and run by men. It refers to tradition, to the handmade, occupational therapy, to leisure, and as you say, often to the feminine influence. I have four years working with embroidery, the textile part in my work has been a fundamental resource. The values and skills that you receive when drawing with thread is unique, it becomes tactile and creates an intimate link between the work and the spectator, creates a desire to touch the piece. Mixing that tactile character of the work with intimacy and sexual imagery gives it a fascinating result.


Intervención en vivo. Reinauguración BORDER. Diciembre 2007 (03:54)
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