dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Asya Reznikov

As an adult, Asya Reznikov has become an inveterate traveler--moving from and through different cultures by choice, in contrast to her move at age five--and an insatiable recorder of what she sees. She travels with her cameras, still and video, and captures images from around the world of cities, transit systems, buses, planes, trains, people, buildings, and monuments. In her book On Photography, Susan Sontag writes: "The photographer is super tourist, an expansion of the anthropologist, visiting natives and bringing back news of their exotic doings and strange gear." This quote applies to Reznikov's use of her cameras--her footage the grist from which she composes her palette.

"Much of my interest in languages and cultures has to do with my personal cultural upbringing. Coming to the United States as a political refugee when I was a child has made me particularly aware of my cultural identity. Being raised in one culture at home, but surrounded by another culture outside created a sensitivity to languages, culture and identity."

Studio Visit with Asya Reznikov in her studio in Chelsea.

mapping: 23 minutes, 23 tongues 2004(02:50)
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