vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Dan Moynihan

Dan Moynihan is never afraid to reveal himself in his work. He finds taking the piss out of himself gratifying, and loves to share his private joke with an audience. “The funniest thing is when you’re laughing at yourself. I laugh at my own jokes more than anything, I love my own jokes,” he explains. Regardless of what medium he’s working with, he’ll often be the character featured in his art. Flyers will be self-portraits, zines document a fascination with placing his face over other peoples’ and the dummies used in installations will be dressed head the toe in his everyday attire. Often clues are blatant while others, such as a comb hanging out of a back pocket of a bald character’s jeans, are only subtle innuendos.


Points Of View - tolarnogalleries 13th May - 26th June 2010

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Anoniem zei

Es gibt offensichtlich eine Menge zu wissen. Ich glaube, Sie haben einige gute Punkte in Funktionen auch. Halten Sie Ihren Arbeitsbereich, great job!

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