vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Waléria Américo

Confused with contradictions as in Des-limite (2006) by Waléria Américo. Moving between floors of a tower by using the stairs, and having windows as a means of circulation between the outside and inside, we observe his proceedings well marked out but they do not reach an end or purpose. Risk and security are now very near, in spite of the first signifying a path to somewhere which is not yet known. In another work of 2005 – Para ver o céu mudar de cor – a series of five photographs are presented, which exhibit the image of an artist walking along a parapet on top of a building, neighbor to other sky-scrapers whose network of concrete nearly blackens out the horizon. As Moacir do Anjos confirms, “The danger of a fall implicit in the walk seems to be justified in the last of the photographs shown, in which the artist reaches a position that permits him to see the twilight beyond the barrier created by the buildings, as well as the title reason given to the work.”1 The risk that is confirmed in the apprehensiveness of a city that is unfulfilled: it is a horizon; it does not belong anymore to its citizens and neither them to it.
Felipe Scovino - revista tatui


Des-limite, 2006 (09:00)
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