zaterdag 30 april 2011

BBC Human Planet: The Douche

For a few weeks, the BBC film crew had the opportunity to follow a unique specimen, they were able to observe and record its mannerisms, rituals and way of life. The result of this is BBC Human Planet: The Douche.

BBC Human Planet: The Douche (04:53)
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vrijdag 29 april 2011

Marcus Harvey

Marcus Harvey makes highly worked figurative paintings. He became well known after his infamous painting Myra was first exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in September 1997 as part of the exhibition Sensation. It resulted in unprecedented national and international media attention as it was based on the portrait of the child-murderer Myra Hindley, an image that has been repeatedly reproduced by the press since her conviction. The monumental monochrome painting was entirely composed from a child’s handprints and as the artist has said, “The whole point of the painting is the photograph. That photograph. The iconic power that has come to it as a result of years of obsessive media reproduction.”

donderdag 28 april 2011

Phone Sex Grandma

Phone Sex Grandma, based off the hit mockumentary short, is a feature film about a 60-something woman who works a phone sex line. Is the phone sex industry as you always feared it really was? Nothing is as it seems….


PHONE SEX GRANDMA-- Award Winning Short Film!! (08:46)
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woensdag 27 april 2011

Lizzi Bougatsos

According to Lizzi Bougatsos the creative process comes as a reaction to the various stimuli she receives, while the materials she is using for her works are found in the streets of New York and other cities she visits whilst on tour with her band. The installation Birdhouse for Humans (2007), a house made out of cardboard in human size, occurred from an equivalent bird house made by a homeless person in New York. Multicultural elements in her artwork and music are combined creatively and organically with each other. However, the key element of her work as an artist and a performer is “melancholy” since for Bougatsos it is synonymous to “beauty”.
thebreedersystem - at the playroom

Lizzi Bougatsos, Slut Freak art-talk/lizzi-b

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Each & Every One of You (EEOOY)

Each & Every One of You (EEOOY) is a mock TV show pilot that teaches ordinary people how to make contemporary installation art. If these words strike fear into your heart or make you cringe with memories of seeing contemporary art and wondering what the hell it was all about, this show is for you!


EEOOY::How-to-make contemporary installation art::Ep.1 Part2(18:43)

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EEOOY::How-to-make contemporary installation art::Ep.2 Part1

maandag 25 april 2011

Ilia Ovechkin - cursor (2008)

Ilia Ovechkin


cursor - single channel video 2008(04:37)
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zondag 24 april 2011

Thursday - Matthias Hoegg

The story is elegant—simple yet beautiful—and universal. It’s in our nature to make our lives predictable. But Thursday reminds that disruption is a worthwhile risk. A disruption in productivity can lead to an evening of new experiences. And if things may take a turn for the worse, like the bird in the final scene that falls to its death and then bounces back to life, we’re more resilient than we think.

Matthias Hoegg

motionographer interview

Thursday - Matthias Hoegg (07:18)
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zaterdag 23 april 2011

Jeffrey Milstein - Black Box Flight Recorders

Jeffrey Milstein: Heavy metal, as the wide body jets are known, is the ultimate achievement in engineering and design. While aircraft evoke many different feelings, since 9/11, no one can ever again look at a large airliner without the distant but ominous memory of how easily they were turned into weapons by a small band of terrorists. They are a symbol of how vulnerable our highly technological society has become.
kopeikingallery - artist statement

vrijdag 22 april 2011

Lars Rosenbohm

Lars Rosenbohm (*1971) bearbeitet ein explosives Feld zwischen Malerei und Zeichnung. In oft heftiger Strichführung und drastischer Motivik setzt er sich seit langem mit der Darstellung von Köpfen und Körperöffnungen auseinander. Figuren und Fratzen erscheinen sowohl auf Blättern als auch auf Leinwänden, um zu bellen oder zu beißen. Der Betrachter wird angegriffen, aber auch herausgefordert und verzaubert. Aggressive Bilder können sich in humorvolle Seitenhiebe auf menschliches Miteinander verwandeln. Der Titel deutet bereits an, dass sowohl Ironie als auch Angriff und immer wieder das Einbeziehen des vermeintlichen Fehlers oder Zufalls wichtige Zutaten der Malerei Rosenbohms sind. Figuren und Bekanntes erscheinen in seinen Blättern und Leinwänden, um bei näherer Betrachtung wieder zu verschwinden. Der Wechsel von Expression und Camouflage sorgt für eine beinahe elektrische Spannung in seinen Bildern.

G117 und Lars Rosenbohm, Did I look liek anmail?


donderdag 21 april 2011

Andrey Klassen

"In den letzten Jahren hat sich für mich herauskristallisiert, dass ich die ursprünglichen, mystischen Vorstellungen meiner Heimat in Kombination mit der Welt, die ich hier alltäglich erlebe, zum Gegenstand meiner Arbeiten machen möchte." (Andrey Klassen)
source: artsalon-dresden


woensdag 20 april 2011

Where Evil Dwells, 1985

Evil is a collaboration between filmmaker Turner and the late artist/writer David Wojnarowicz, based on the infamous "Satan Teen" Ricky Kasso, who killed himself in jail after he and a friend had been accused of murdering another boy in a satanic ritual in Long Island, N.Y. This trailer, all that remains of the feature destroyed in a fire, stars Wojnarowicz, Turner, Scott Werner, Joe Coleman, Jack Nantz, Baby Gregor, Rockets Redglare, Richard Klemann, Charlotte Webb, Lung Leg, Devil Doodie; music by Jim Thirwell & Wiseblood.

David Wojnarowicz & Tommy Turner Where Evil Dwells
1985 - 28:33

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dinsdag 19 april 2011

Colin Guillemet

Birds, flags, electric globes and cartoonish chairs; visual culture and 20th century utopias. Colin Guillemet pulls it all out of his hat.

This tension between appearance and reality, what an object looks like and what it is, is fundamental to Guillemet’s practice.
source: Coline Milliard -

Something borrowed, something blue. (Super8 projection 02:26, looper)
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maandag 18 april 2011

John Yoyogi Fortes

John Yoyogi Fortes isn’t a street artist but he paints like one – one who’s especially well-versed in American and European Expressionism. His specialty is the urban fever dream, a realm in which subconscious fears and desires play out against backdrops of crumbling paint-spattered walls. It’s brightly hued and richly textured world into which the artist inserts comic- and graffiti-influenced characters that are in psychic pain. They appear — along with forms that are collaged, sprayed, and hand-painted — in colliding planes that rest on layers of scraped paint that recall surfaces where concert posters are continuously stripped and re-stapled.



Immaculate Rendition (09:27)
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zondag 17 april 2011

First Orbit

First Orbit, a real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station. The film combines this new footage with Gagarin's original mission audio and a new musical score by composer Philip Sheppard.

First Orbit - the movie (1:39:15)
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