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All the Buildings in New York

By his own admission, James Gulliver Hancock is a bit of an obsessive.

“I’ve traveled a lot, as most artists are wont to do, and I’ve developed this weird relationship with each city I’ve visited,” he said. “They become like friends, and I want to record them.”
He’s already done Los Angeles and London. So now he’s working his way through Manhattan. He’s been in New York for five years, and has been drawing its buildings since April. But he’s already drawn more than 300, from row houses in the Lower East Side to P.S. 1 in the Queens, and posted them on his blog.
“It’s a way of interacting with the city,” he said. “You have to stop and pay attention instead of walking by. It helps me understand how the city is put together.”
As a professional illustrator, he draws every day, even when he’s away from his studio. In a restaurant, he’s constantly drawing on napkins, and has been pleasantly surprised to walk into a friend’s house and find those sketches framed and hanging on walls.
As far as his obsession with drawing goes, he’s at ease with it. “It started pretty early with me,” he said. “As a creative, it’s a way to organize my environment. It’s part of how I see things.”
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