woensdag 27 april 2011

Lizzi Bougatsos

According to Lizzi Bougatsos the creative process comes as a reaction to the various stimuli she receives, while the materials she is using for her works are found in the streets of New York and other cities she visits whilst on tour with her band. The installation Birdhouse for Humans (2007), a house made out of cardboard in human size, occurred from an equivalent bird house made by a homeless person in New York. Multicultural elements in her artwork and music are combined creatively and organically with each other. However, the key element of her work as an artist and a performer is “melancholy” since for Bougatsos it is synonymous to “beauty”.
thebreedersystem - at the playroom

Lizzi Bougatsos, Slut Freak

vbs.tv: art-talk/lizzi-b

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John Kim zei

That's like a homeless's dream home there.

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