dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Larissa Fassler - Teen Couples III

Larissa Fassler's series of photos are the product of an elaborate two-year project in which she asked six teenage girls to portray their own ideas of intimacy. When the girls were 14 and then 16, they posed for a series of photographs with two male actors of the same age. They preen and pout with their acting partners for Fassler's still and video camera to enact their impressions of idealized couplehood.

Fassler's psychological insight is keen on this point: teenage sexuality and dating rituals centre on giving form to the idea of what a hot young couple should look like. The result is at times awkward and entirely endearing. The girls take command, directing the gawky boy models into romantic poses from print ads and attempting to smooth their own charmingly unsettled faces into modelesque masks of cool sensuality.

Teen Couples III, 2007, Video: 4.30 minutes, Age 18
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