donderdag 5 mei 2011

Robert Lorayn - gang signs

look-im-lucid: Why gang signs?

Robert Lorayn: I could talk a lot about why, I like building why’s. For me the gang signs are really interesting movements that have a real specific purpose outside the internet. When I use it in private and to record for the internet I like playing with that feeling, which is (in my opinion) agressive and assertive, but entirely safe (since it’s on the internet) and solitary.

How’d you learn all these gang signs?

YouTube and surprisingly (to me), just fiddling around with my hands. I’ve apparently come across gang signs (after the fact) that I thought were more original. In any case, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, so I appreciate the interest.

Robert Lorayn - c0 (01:42)
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