maandag 30 mei 2011

Sara-Vide Ericson - “Liar”

Vice: Is your Liar also about relationships?
Sara-Vide Ericson: Yes. I like using relationships as a theme, especially where they go wrong. This new series is about stuff like, to give a ridiculous example, when your best friend asks you, “Did you take my sweater?” and you answer, “No, I didn’t”, but you can tell that she doesn’t believe you. And you’re like, “Damn, she thinks I’m lying!” but you can’t just go, “And I’m not lying!”

Vice: Yeah, because then it’d look like you really are lying.
Sara-Vide Ericson: Exactly. That situation creates a vacuum, and you’re powerless. You’re falsely accused of something you didn’t do and, as you haven’t done anything, how do you vindicate yourself? You have a few alternatives, you can say, “Yes, I took your sweater!” or you can do the first spontaneous thing that comes to mind, such as to strangle that person. To take back the power and control over the situation, you want to attack, to suffocate her words, to get some peace of mind. That’s how this series came about. When I first started painting these pieces, it occurred to me that the throat and stomach are the most vulnerable parts of a human being. Stab a knife into your stomach or your throat and you’re done for.
source: Kristian Bengtsson -
Vice Magazine

- utställningen Lust & Last (24 mars-14 augusti 2011)
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