woensdag 15 juni 2011

Geórgia Kyriakakis

Geórgia Kyriakakis belongs to a significant group of contemporary Brazilian artists for whom the fundamental element of poetics is discussion of boundaries between the established artistic modalities. Therefore their discourse takes up the divisions between art and nonart, art and the reality of the world, and the actual validity of art in contemporary society.

All these questions, in Kyriakakis’s case specifically, initially emerged in the field of drawing; or rather it was through drawing that she began to debate those questions, embodying her concerns and doubts.

In the beginning, it was line on surface: essential elements for graphic work. The line, observing a path always circumscribed by the dimensions of the bidimensional support, created tensions, prompted shapes, outlined fields and allusions to tridimensionality.

Then this eager line began to move restlessly along the support and gradually seemed to seek expansion into other territories.

Concomitantly eschewing passivity, the support moved away from the wall (of which it was always the double), also with the aim of being reviewed amongst other possibilities.
raquelarnaud - Geórgia Kyriakakis and art as a residue of itself

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