dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Project Pigeon - Alex Lockett and Ian England

Dazed Digital: How did you come up with the idea of relating pigeon fancying to 'art'?

Alex Lockett and Ian England:
Project Pigeon explores how art, sport, education and curating can co-exist; how aesthetics can be grounded in everyday life; how sport, culture and media sit together; and it explores associations between the pigeon world, the art world and, more generally, society.

Our practice often involves working with and becoming part of constituencies such as pigeon fanciers and allotment holders. In working closely with these groups we are able to make metaphors and associations between these particular hobbies, the institutions of culture, and society. What does pigeon fancying tell us about current social predicaments? What does the institution of pigeon fancying tell us about the institutions of art?

DD: Do you think they are happy to be involved with your project?
Alex and Ian: Despite two years among them, the pigeon men always seem surprised to see us in our capacity as artists. They tease us for asking so many questions, for taking photographs all the time, shooting video and recording our conversations! But they are always keen to suggest ideas! They enjoy our thirst for knowledge of all things pigeon and enjoy teaching us. This year Alex was made the assistant auditor of the club, I think this shows (among other things) that they are happy with our work and that they enjoy collaborating with us.
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