donderdag 23 juni 2011

The Worshippers - Mustafa Hulusi and Mark Titchner (2009)

The Worshippers, a video by Mustafa Hulusi and Mark Titchner. The work, originally designed as a moving billboard to be encountered in a public space, is screened on a structure of scaffolding poles. This display highlights the work’s reference to the visual language of advertising, a recurring theme in both Hulusi and Tichner’s practices. In the work, images of Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution, are merged with hypnotic geometric patterns and Titchner’s signature truisms in a style reminiscent of 60’s psychedelia and 80’s rave culture. By recalling these recent countercultural movements the video subverts it’s own aesthetic; it denounces aspects of Western capitalism and consumerism and proposes we look elsewhere for spiritual fulfilment.


The Worshippers, Mark Titicher and Mustafa Hulusi, 1' 55 sec (loop), 2009
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