vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Chris Woebken - Bat Billboard, 2010

Chris Woebken - Collaboration work with Natalie Jeremijenko
This project describes an interactive billboard creating novel social interactions between bats and humans. The habitat uses the structure of a billboard and provides luxury housing for bats, addressing the environmental health emergency faced with New York bats known as White Nosed Syndrome.

Bats, together with birds, are our chief pollinators and with their “seed rain” rival humans in their imprint on the terrestrial ecosystems. Bats manage mosquito populations more cost-effectively (up to 20 000 mosquitoes can be devoured by a single bat and is then turned into potent rose fertiliser), all sans nasty uncontainable poisons. Bats are the insect control super-force.
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batbat 2010(02:41)
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