zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Jeanette Ginslov - walk one | braemar/balmoral scotland (2009)

I was walking in the scottish highlands and forest 2009, and it occurred to me to not just shoot my pov, my seeing the landscape but the action of walking, the proprioception of the action, the affordances, being aware of perceiving, a hyper reflectivity, a phenomenological approach. I wanted to capture not just my body undergoing the affordances but my eyes as well. alva noë refers to this as an "enactive approach" or "behaviour". I wanted to see if I could stimulate all the senses - sight, sound, touch and smell. the eyes and other senses working in a synesthesia. above all I noticed a tactility of my eyes as if they were touching the grass, rocks and trees. I felt wholly immersed in this activity. I noticed how all my senses constantly adjusted to the environment and how I responded physically as well as to what i was thinking - a symbiosis, an interactivity.
Jeanette Ginslov

walk one | braemar/balmoral scotland (2009) | Screendance (08:17)
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