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Núria Güell - Value #1 2007

Núria Güell - Value #1 2007
installation (photographic documents + video in monitor) The work is structured in two parts. The first one is a video showing how the phrase “The day of tomorrow” is tattooed on my right foot bottom. The second one was a everyday documentation made
using a scanner of the wear that suffers the tattooed phrase, as a result of the daily walking rubbing. The documentation process ends when the only text left is “day of”, which will remain printed forever due to its location on the foot.
The leaning of temporal horizon to the future is a feature of the western civilization. This tendency to project our lives toward the day of tomorrow influences our way of living the present time. I understand the inculcation of this value as a way of controlling the subject.
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Value #1: The inculcation 2007 (10:11)
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