zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Ben Alper - Erasure (2009 - )

Erasure (2009 - )

Among the many transformations that have taken place at the hand of the digital revolution is the relatively sudden disappearance of the traditional family photo album. More and more often these days, photographic images are stored and organized on personal computers. This shift away from tactility toward a more ephemeral experience of the photograph marks a pronounced negation of tradition and signals the loss of both cultural and familial memory. This trend has only been further exacerbated by our access to, and consumption of, a nearly infinite flow of cultural imagery.

With these ideas in mind, Erasure examines the physical impressions and deterioration left behind by photographs that have been removed from family albums.Ultimately, these images explore the implications of a less personal, more mechanized relationship to the photograph in contemporary society.
Ben Alper

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