woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Catalin Burcea - a few grams of red, yellow, blue.

A few grams of red, yellow, blue.
Austere and bizarre. An empty space and emptied of purpose. Ceausescu (the last communist Romanian President) would have liked it to be a lake, witch, probably should have made "Bucharest harbor to the Danube". Beyond the horizon line generated by the concrete boards of the dam, spreads an amalgam of buildings: factories, production workshops, ex-communist blocks of flats, post-communist blocks of flats... Somewhere in the farthest layer "rules" the ex "House of the People" or "House of the Republic", a megalithic and hideous building of the ex "dictator". Today it hosts the Romanian Parliament. Three colors. An open-air graffiti. The patriotic feeling. National spirit. Fade-in… Fade-out…
Catalin Burcea

a few grams of red, yellow, blue. (02:12)
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