donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Dani Ploeger - Feedback 2010

I am standing in the first space. A Doppler flow sensor is attached to my chest and registers the movements of my heart. A prepared loudspeaker is attached to my back. The Doppler flow signal is sent to the loudspeaker. The loudspeaker doesn't produce sound because the cone has been removed. Pieces of metal are attached to the loudspeaker coil. The coil moves according to the Doppler signal. The metal prods my skin.

In the second space, a video monitor shows a real-time close-up of the part of my back where the metal touches the skin. Next to the monitor, an unmodified loudspeaker (the same type as the prepared loudspeaker attached to my body) is attached to the wall. It transmits the same signal as the one on my body, but here the sound is audible.
source: artist site

e-terview with Dani Ploeger

Feedback 2010 (01:06)
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