zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Esther Hunziker: DUMP

Online project, interactive installation with double projection, 2010

Constantly changing, various subjects come up on two screens projected into a corner: single letters of the alphabet, words, sentences and text fields, white an black, once again with, one again without reduced images of roads, crowds, billboards, portraits, even abstract graphics. Every now and then single words and sentences are spoken. The combination of texts and images, sound and film seems endless, the movements seem restless. By mouse click one can choose between 24 scenes, and interactively discover ever new combinations within one scene. The online project DUMP, all in all, comprises 455 images, 323 HTML pages, 288 words spoken and texts read, 52 style sheets and Java scripts as well as 36 sound files and 9 films.

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