zondag 28 augustus 2011

Jesse Sugarmann - Fresh Aire IV

Jesse Sugarmann loves cars. Always has. In his 20 years of driving, more than 100 cars have passed through his hands. Imports and domestics, sedans, wagons, coupes, campers, trucks… It!s a revolving door of (almost exclusively used) vehicles. He!ll buy a car, drive it around for a while, see what it can do and can!t do. At any given time he!s the shepherd of upwards of eight !mobiles, juggling parking and maintenance and registrations, and deciding each day which one to drive as if it were pants.
But autos for Jesse are more than an accessory or way to go places; they!re objects with distinct personalities, machines you get to know. Each car is born out of its own set of circumstances and considerations and into its own unique existence. Each feels, looks, smells, and sounds differently and acts and reacts in its own way. Each comes equipped with its own personal history and larger context. Each is a time capsule and a doorway to a different experience, and a unique way of seeing and interacting with the world.
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