dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Jhave - Give me Your Light

Jhave - Give me Your Light, A generative video-installation.
ISA TOUSIGNANT in Montreal 05/17/11:
I imagine mine was the money-shot reaction sought by Montreal artist Jhave, the digital poet behind Give Me Your Light. The video, part of the biennial’s digital programming curated by Paule Mackrous, is the simplest thing: an alternating juxtaposition of two happenstance occurrences filmed by the artist on a trip to Macau. One half of the footage is of a monkey, tied by a two-foot chain to a fence and slowly going mad with boredom; the other is of a kitten, filthy and abandoned in a parking lot, about to die. Two-minute scenes of one and the other alternate according to a changing and unpredictable algorithm, which adds an element of suspense to the work. Nothing really happens, except that it creates – at least in me – an endless and unbearable feeling of hopelessness in the face of human stupidity and helplessness in regards to fate’s cruel path. Not an experience I expected on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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