maandag 15 augustus 2011

Larissa Hjorth - Still Mobile (2010)

Beginning with a series of camera phone images of people in public taking pictures via their camera phones to a quasi-entertainment indoor golf course gone awry, Still Mobile reflects upon the game of being mobile—physically, temporally, spatially and technologically—whilst also being simultaneously and paradoxically immobile. Like the oxymoronic notion of the indoor golf course (after all, isn’t golf supposed to be played outside?), inside and outside are infused. Reflecting upon contemporary notions of the mediated co-present moment, Still Mobile explores one version of ‘being in the moment’ in an age of networked social media. By focusing upon various mobile moments as abstractions, Still Mobile explores the competing screen culture that is contemporary everyday life. Like the deluge left when a party has finished, Still Mobile presents a window into the infinite regress of screen culture today.
Larissa Hjorth

RMIT University

still mobile 2010 (07:30)
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Investigating mobile media in Korea youtube(02:55)

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