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Proshchanie (Farewell) (Farewell to Matyora) (1983)english subtitles

Synopsis: The story concerns an island whose community must abandon it because a new dam is being built to create a vast, deep lake which will inundate the island. The future, the post-Matyora era, is first symbolized by the astounding ugliness of a passing barge, it's discordant and synthetic appearance contrasted with the harmoniousness of the island's nature. The fact that the dam is to provide electricity is emphasized by the hypnotizing image of a flickering and rolling B&W TV with a pop show of surpassingly vulgarity and artificiality interrupted by an appearance of cosmonauts in space broadcasting from what seems to be a very crowded studio apartment.

The islanders have no choice in the matter. They must evacuate the island and as the waters rise those closest to the shore leave. The houses, some of whose intricate detail and exquisite design would make the readers of the Sunday Times hearts flutter, are burned. The last to leave is the high priestess of the nature cult. Before she leaves she spends the entire night laboriously and ruthlessly scrubbing her house in every nook and cranny and even whitewashing the chimney. Masses of flowers are brought in until they fill every corner and bower. Then she walks out and walks away as "the men' burn her house. This is her farewell...
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Director: Elem Klimov


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Proshchanie - part I (55:31)
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Proshchanie - part II (1:05:43)
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