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Shannon Plumb: The Window Series - Window #1 (2011)

Shannon Plumb: The Window Series
In the 4th projection, Shannon dresses in a burqa and proceeds to try and "catch a breeze" by lifting the garment and allowing air to seep in underneath. This was the first political piece that I've seen of hers. An American flag is reflected in the foreground of the projected window (dizzying!) and the actions were both absurd and filled with humanity. While I doubt it would be a common occurrence to see a woman lifting the skirt of her religious attire, the action reminds us of the person and the physical presence/discomfort that results from heat. This character is the only one who doesn't appear to be in an interior. The point of view is distorted, and she could be peering through the window at us, whereas all the other videos are in his/her interior within what is presumably urban space.
Katy Diamond Hamer



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Shannon Plumb - ^ Window #1 (2011),The Window Series (03:59)
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